Homeward Bound Dog Shelter

Homeward Bound Dog Shelter had an official check presentation (symbolic) from the Ashland Young Professionals early in September 2022. See the photo below. Homeward Bound presented the County with a $600,000 check in late August 2022 as well. Going forward, the focus of the Homeward Bound Dog Shelter will be on continuing to secure gifts and grants that are unrestricted and/or designated for endowments for the new shelter.



Why a Campaign for a New Dog Shelter?

The current dog shelter has served Ashland County since 1965 under the direction of the Ashland County Commissioners. Over the years, the shelter has become outdated, overcrowded and woefully undersized for the needs of the 21st century. The shelter lacks proper climate control and is in need of major structural changes, extensive rehabilitation and/or expansion. In truth, the shelter needs to be replaced if for no other reason than for the love of dogs.

The Homeward Bound Dog Shelter will continue to be a support and fund-raising organization to support the new shelter. Construction has begun on the site across the street from the Ashland County Fairgrounds on Baney Road in Ashland, Ohio.


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