Homeward Bound Dog Shelter

Project Delayed

Groundbreaking and construction of a new 6,000 square foot dog shelter planned for Ashland County has been temporarily delayed due to extraordinary rises in building material prices. This has made it unfeasible to move forward with construction at this time. Please know that this is simply a delay and we will be following through with our mission to deliver a new and improved facility to our community as soon as deemed feasible. Thanks to everyone for their support.

Why a Campaign for a New Dog Shelter?

The current dog shelter has served Ashland County since 1965 under the direction of the Ashland County Commissioners. Over the years, the shelter has become outdated, overcrowded and woefully undersized for the needs of the 21st century. The shelter lacks proper climate control and is in need of major structural changes, extensive rehabilitation and/or expansion. In truth, the shelter needs to be replaced if for no other reason than for the love of dogs.

The proposed Homeward Bound Dog Shelter will offer educational programs on the pre-adoption, adoption and humane treatment of dogs; create a public/private partnership with two rental spaces for a vet clinic and a related retail space; and relocate to a more convenient location across from the Ashland County Fairgrounds on Baney Road in Ashland, Ohio.

A capital campaign is underway. Pending successful conclusion to the campaign, groundbreaking will take place in the Spring of 2020. You can track our campaign attainment and get other information on our Campaign page.


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